Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life in Photos: May/June

I'm right in the middle of studying for a major exam at the moment, which of course means I've been procrastinating to no end! I have the week off work with the intention to study hard-core but my sister decided that this would be a good time to get Words with Friends and start playing!

But the very first game I played, I won! Yay!
Winning by 3 points at 359 :)
And some other random pics I have from my iphone from the last few months...

Rainbow layered jelly - this stuff is so pretty to look at and yum! I don't have the patience to make it unfortunately but we're regulars at a local restaurant who likes to serve this up yum yum

Laser Tag!
I went to laser tag for a work function and here is our scoreboard! It was tonnes of fun and surprisingly I didn't do too badly...I was round the middle somewhere in terms of ranking :)

Meanwhile, I caught up with watching the finale of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and noticed in the very last episode she was wearing something that looked familiar - a pink/black Marc Jacobs silk taffeta strapless party dress! I wish I had a picture of it on Belle (I'll do a screenshot later) but it reminded me that I haven't worn it in ages. In fact I've only worn it once in the photo below to a reunion dinner 18 months ago. Now to find another fun occasion to wear it to again...maybe the hens night I have to attend later in the year!

Marc Jacobs pink taffeta party dress - excuse the name badge tacked to the front, it was a reunion after all!
The photo doesn't really do the dress justice, but it's a beautiful weight of silk that is bouffanty enough to give it shape without being over the top. I managed to get the dress at an absolute steal of a price too and in Australia, shock horror, where we hardly get any MJ stuff! From memory it was more than 50% off, but because it's so classic it doesn't look off season

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