Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beyonce "Mrs Carter" Show

In the midst of the hecticness of life (I'm working on a deal at the moment at work which has the shortest turnaround and is consuming all my energy), I went to see the Beyonce concert a few weeks back. I've seen Beyonce many a time now - twice with Destiny's Child and again in her solo tour in 2007 when she still played at the smaller Entertainment Centre which I love. One of the Destiny's Child times was an up close and intimate filming for top of the pops where I was literally 3m away from her as she sung to a room of 100 people. When it came time to buy Beyonce tickets I wasn't going to, but all I kept on seeing and reading was everyone raving about the Mrs Carter tour. Well, I just had to see it for myself, right?

I'm glad I did, because while I wasn't as wow-ed as I thought I would be, I was glad to finally get to see her sing Single Ladies in the flesh. It made me wish I had gone to Glastonbury when she played - its just unfortunate I went to Glastonbury the year after. Anyway, here are my fave pics:

Awesome costumes for the opener!

Bey loves her pyrotechnic waterfalls! She did the same in 2007 too!

OK so I did like the screen imagery

How awesome is that second stage lighting to the right? From my knowledge of teching some shows, there was some serious $$ spent on that lighting and rigging!

Serenading us in a blue glitter jumpsuit, as only Bey can

To the left, to the left!

I was expecting more from the set than just digital screens actually - as awesome as they were, it was the only element of the whole set besides the second stage which I absolutely LOVED! 

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