Friday, May 2, 2014

Weddings + Bridesmaids

No, don't get too excited yet, I'm not getting married. My friends, however, are all getting hitched and next year is turning out to be a mammoth wedding year! I'm going to be bridesmaid for at least one of those weddings and so I've been tasked with helping in a tonne of ways.

Being the bargain hunter that I am, I've been finding some great things online with the sales lately.

This Zimmermann dress is a cute colour in real life and great fabric, and a bargain on sale at the moment for just $196. I'm not usually one to go for Zimmermann but they are popular amongst bridesmaids, and at those kinds of prices they're definitely a good option for any fashionable bride and bridesmaid.

Now I love J Crew and they have a tonne of options. I love this grey one above, and it comes in a million different hues. At approximately A$275 it's not quite as cheap, but a lovely option though admittedly it can probably be recreated elsewhere for cheaper.

Though a lot of sizes have since sold out, this beautiful punchy pink one is just A$100 and a great vibrant pink that I'm sure is popular amongst brides.

And what about this one for the floor length styles (which I will probably be looking at more, for the particular wedding I'm attending). At A$360 on sale it is a little more pricy but considering you can literally pick any colour of the rainbow, it is around the same price as Australian stores but without the full colour range. I just love this 'wild beet' colour.

For something a bit different, this Jayson Brunsdon diffusion line dress at Myer retails for just $179 and is cute for a floral, more casual wedding. And for wearability, this could definitely be worn again after a wedding!

Have you come across any great bridesmaid appropriate dresses lately?


  1. My cousin wore the blue Zimmerman dress when she was a bridesmaid for her sister's wedding - it's beautiful.

    Can't wait to see you in it!!

    1. I bought the blue one just for fun and it is gorgeous on - I might post a pic on twitter if I'm feeling brave (I was having a 'feeling skinny' day when I took the pic). Do you know if you're going to have bridesmaids for your wedding?

  2. The Zimmermann would actually look completely DUH on me. :(
    I do like the last one for a casual look, non-bridezillas would love that.

    1. The last one is cute even for normal wear...I'm tempted to take a look at it haha! This 'shopping for weddings' could get dangerous