Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kensington Compact iPad Keyboard

I bought this from Catch Of The Day a while back and I've taken it travelling with me.

We've got 2 computers amongst 3 travelling so I've just brought my ipad with me and when I'm using that as my only 'computer' I need a proper keyboard to type faster and get things done quicker! Stupidly enough, I have the most compact and least heavy computer of the 3 of us (Macbook Air) yet I'm the only one not bringing my computer. Go figure!

Anyway I was tossing up between this and an actual keyboard case but chose this because a) its more compact b) this was cheaper and c) I didn't really want a case.

This is really really compact at barely 1cm thick and as you can see it is just a little bigger than the size of the ipad itself. I don't like those case + keyboard combo things because I often like to have just the compactness of the ipad to carry around rather than the added bulk of the case. Instead I use an uber cute Kate Spade sleeve :)

The best thing about it? The keys are actual keys, not those weird jelly like protrusions that respond to key presses. There is actual depth to these keys and key pressing is really quite easy despite the slightly compressed keyboard size. And it charges by USB so no pesky batteries to deal with!

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  1. Oh i think I need this because I do not like the iPad keypad thingee. It drives me nuts.