Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vera Wang Sydney Store

The big fashion news of the week is that Vera Wang has just opened her first Australian stand-alone store! I'm sure there are big cheers from Australian brides who no longer have to go through Helen Rodriguez stores to get their paws on her famous dresses.

The store opened yesterday in one of my favourite Sydney hotels - the InterContinental - so I'm yet to have a chance to wander in or see any pics but I'll definitely be stopping by to have a sticky beak.

For the non brides (like myself!) out there, who else is hoping there will also be some delectable eveningwear to choose from too?

Here's some examples:

Visit Vera Wang at the InterContinental hotel Sydney, Shop 5, 117 Macquarie St., Sydney

Edit: Just a quick edit on this post to add that I happened to visit the InterContinental hotel last night and  wandered past the VW store! They literally just switched off the lights as I walked past so I could only take this quick terrible iPhone pic :)

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  1. Wow .. looks amazing.. My bridezilla days are gladly over. But those dresses drool.... Unfortunately if I do get married again I will have to wear the same dress!

    1. Beautiful, right? If only we all had endless amounts of money so we could buy these dresses!

  2. Oh wow I didnt know this! Very handy for when I tie the knot in384294890238409 million years. I do love her dresses though. Amazing!

  3. I had to come tell you that I was in Sydney this weekend and I walked past the store. But ya know what was buggered? I got sick on Sunday and was half dead :( What a waste.